International Child Rescue Group is an international services company formed by highly qualified operators with proven experience. We have solved many cases around the world and use carefully planned methods to recover those affected and return them to the area to which they belong.

If you have experienced that your child has been abducted to another country, we can help you bring your child back home. But we have some ethical guidelines that it is important that you are aware of.

  1. We can never take a child by force. The child must come voluntarily.
  2. You must have at least 50% custody for your child and be the custodian.
  3. Your case must be reported to your local police so that the child and abductor is wanted by Interpol.
  4. When your child is home with you, you have to make sure your child is given a professional follow-up of healthcare professionals. It is emotionally difficult for a child to be away for a long time and conversations with the child performed by professionals are very important.

When we bring home kidnapped children, we do this in 2 parts. A reconnaissance mission and a main assignment.

Mission Reconnaissance

This is the part where we travel to the country where the child is abducted to and prepare possible ways to get the child out. Together with our local partners, we follow all movements to both children and abductors so that we know we can succeed in the main mission. It is very important that we do this first so that nothing goes wrong during the main mission. After we have put in place all the necessary information about the child, the abductor and the country the child is abducted to, we put together all the information and prepare for the main assignment.

The Main Mission

It is now that we will make sure we get the child out of the country and return to you again. Together with our local partners, we will ensure that the child returns to you in the best possible way. We always have the best interests of the child when performing such assignments. This means that you as our client you must tell us what to focus on when approaching your child. The better we know your child the easier the child will feel confidence in us. If the child is unsure of who we are and why we do there, we may need to call you when being with your child and you must tell your child that it is safe to come with us.


It is safe to contact us. We have confidentiality agreement with all our clients and no-one will know that you are talking to us about this. It is also very important that you do not inform others of our conversations as this may endanger the entire mission. We recommend that you only inform your closest family, such as your parents.